Adobe Acrobat correction

Adobe Acrobat correction


Regarding my previous item on Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Acrobat Reader version 3.0.1 still persists on Adobe's ftp site. Reader Bill Justin informs me that Adobe tech support told him that a new 3.1 version is not coming. Version 3.1 was the internal development designation for what was released as 3.0.1.

I apologize for any hassles caused by the apparently erroneous previous report. Not really an excuse, but it has been harder for me to check on items such as this while I am here at the Expo. A similar situation occurred with the recent RealPlayer item. I promise things will be better next week - as I also catch up on the non-Expo items that have been accumulating.

By the way, Bill also asked Adobe if the full version of Acrobat would be updated to version 3.0.1. They told him that "all registered users will soon be receiving a CD-ROM update in the mail, but that patchers won't be posted online." (I hope this is accurate!)

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