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Adidas' smart insole puts the 'track' back in track shoes (well, soccer shoes)

The Adidas GMR smart insole enables players to track their soccer games and compete in virtual competitions via the FIFA app.


Google and Adidas have made a smart insole for soccer players. The Adidas GMR, which enables users to track their on-field activity as well as compete in virtual challenges.

The specially designed insole has a Google-designed Jacquard Tag built in. The Tag tracks "actual physical movements footballers make on-pitch including measuring kicks, shot power, distance and speed."

You can connect the GMR to Electronic Arts' FIFA mobile app to "complete unique challenges and hit milestones each week, including improving their Ultimate Team Overall (OVR), unlocking in-game rewards and ranking in global leaderboards."

The companies teased the announcement last week. The insole's launch follows the 2019 release of a smart backpack using the Jacquard 2.0 tag.

Smart shoes have been around since the 1980s, but have gained popularity with the rise of fitness apps and trackers. This is the first smart shoe collaboration between Adidas and Jacquard by Google.

The Adidas GMR will be available online at and in select Adidas stores for $35 (£30 or about AU$60).