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Acrobat and QuickTime conflict: a follow-up

Acrobat and QuickTime conflict: a follow-up

Our brief mention last time - of reports that Acrobat Reader may crash on launch if QuickTime 3.0 is installed - elicited much reader reaction. No simple conclusions emerged. Here's the buzz:

Contrary to suggestions from last time, several readers reported that the conflict occurred even with QuickTime Pro and even if the user had never installed a beta version of QuickTime 3.0.

Dennis Manasco suggests that the problem might be related to the QuickTime "Movie" plug-in located in the Acrobat Plug-Ins folder. He queries whether it might be incompatible with QuickTime 3.0.

John Tanski reports that installing Acrobat Exchange 3.0.1 solved the problem for him. On the other hand, Paul Killen had crashes with Exchange that disappeared with QuickTime disabled.

Trevor Covert traced his Acrobat crashing problem to a corrupted Virtue font. Deleting it solved the problem. [We previously reported this problem for v. 1.6 of the Virtue font; it was supposedly fixed in newer versions.]

David Duke writes: "I resolved the problem by doing the following: Delete the invisible 'ATM Temp Fonts' folder, the 'ATM Temp.ATM' file plus all visible Acrobat preferences files inside the System Folder Preferences. Then reinstall Acrobat 3.0.1."

And of course, numerous readers (including myself) have not had this problem at all. If you do have the conflict and you find that one of the above suggestions works, let me know.

On a related subject: Distiller glitch Edward Lovelace reports: "I got confirmation from Adobe's Printer Plug-in support group that Distiller must be located on the startup volume (with the PDF Plug-in which is in the System:Extensions:Printer Descriptions folder) for the plug-in to be able to find Distiller and work properly."