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A notebook that stands up to the light of day

If you have to use your notebook outside then check out the day light readable screen on this Dell notebook.

If you need to use a notebook outdoors in bright sunshine then the Dell ATG D630 is a great option.

This notebook has the one feature that you must have for outdoor use--a super-bright 500 nit LCD display with a special non-reflective coating. Brightness in computer displays are often measured in units called nits, with a typical notebook having a screen brightness of 185 to 220 nits. So at 500 nits, the ATG is easily viewable in even the brightest conditions. With double that of a normal notebook the Dell ATG gives you one of the clearest displays I have seen.

This is ideal for those coaches or sport enthusiasts that are running software applications during sporting events for analysis. The notebook comes in a semi ruggedized case that gives you some shock proofing in case you accidentally drop it. It is easily customizable with additional memory and hard drive space through Dell's website, but if you are using it for video application you will need to add a firewire card in order to transfer video from your camcorder to the computer.

It's a good looking notebook that is a little expensive but if you have to be outside it is a great option. For more information you can see a full review on CNET.