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A kitchen accessory for the jet set

Vintage airline food carts with bold graphic designs make excellent storage and serving option for small kitchens.

vintage airline food cart
Flight 001

Longing for a stylish way to create more storage in your tiny kitchen? Borrow a solution from one of the tiniest food-prep areas known to man: the airplane kitchen. Thanks to trendy travel retailer Flight 001, you can get your hands on a vintage airline food cart for use as a dry bar, serving vessel, or kitchen storage.

The carts were actually used on planes, so they come complete with small dents and scratches. Fortunately, Flight 001 has prettied up the exterior with a number of groovy finishes to appeal to your modern sensibilities. Inside you'll find a retractable serving tray and 14 tracks for drawers or shelves (which can be included at additional charge). The door features a latch closure as well as a magnetic catch to remain open, and the trolley's four bottom wheels lock into position with pedals.

Of course, this being Flight 001, the carts cost a pretty penny: $1,450. DIY types will probably be better off scavenging a cart from eBay (this one's on the block for three more days) and customizing the exterior themselves.