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A fridge and much more

The MicroFridge Combination Appliance offers a way to get multiple appliances in even the smallest spaces.

The MicroFridge Combination Appliance MicroFridge

Fridges and microwaves are pretty much required for a college dorm room, just as they're necessary in an office environment or anywhere else that you need to eat but don't have space for a full kitchen. The MicroFridge Combination Appliance puts a small refrigerator--complete with a separate freezer space--together with a microwave in one appliance that will fit just about anywhere. The appliance even incorporates a charging station that will allow you to recharge electronic devices. The charging station actually helps the unit to be more energy efficient by making better use of the energy that any fridge needs.

The MicroFridge Combination Appliance has a stainless steel exterior and a black interior. The fridge has a capacity of more than 2 cubic feet, while the freezer has a capacity of an additional 3/4 cubic feet. The microwave is just a little smaller than the freezer, which will allow you to easily cook a variety of food. It's so rare to see a usable freezer in any sort of small fridge, but this appliance provides just that. The MicroFridge Combination Appliance is $455; a little more than the average miniature refrigerator, but not that bad when you factor in the price of a separate microwave.