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A dishwasher with incredible efficiency

Miele's new Eco Dishwasher offers both a stylish addition to your kitchen and a way to be green.

The Eco Dishwasher Miele

The launch of Miele's new Eco Dishwasher (also known as Miele G 1225 SC Eco Dishwasher) offI Iers a dishwasher that goes the extra mile for efficiency. The wash program of the Eco Dishwasher has been developed so that you can run a load of dishes and use less than three gallons of water. The power required to run a load is equally low (0.6 kilowatt hours), incorporating a Turbo function that cuts up to 50 minutes off the length a wash cycle. Where many appliance makers have had to reduce the size of an appliance in order to get peak efficiency, but Miele's dishwasher can hold 14 place settings and still use a minimum of water and power.

The Eco Dishwasher has two racks with separately controlled lower and upper wash arms. There are also flexible storage baskets for both the upper and lower racks. The dishwasher uses sensors to detect how dirty your dishes are and adjust run times and other settings based on that information--including determining which wash arm to use. Sensors also allows the dishwasher to dry each dish perfectly, without using extra energy to overdry your kitchenware. The Eco Dishwasher is available for approximately $1,200.