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A cutting board with a transfer point

The Transfer Cutting Board offers an easy option for getting food off the cutting board and on to a plate.

The Transfer Cutting Board Designspray

Cutting boards are crucial for every kitchen: you need them to protect counters as well as offer up a steady cutting surface. But once you've chopped up a whole pile of vegetables or fruit, getting it off the cutting board and on to a plate can be a messy process. The Transfer Cutting Board was designed to make moving food from the cutting board to a plate as easy as possible. The cutting board sits a little higher off the counter than many others and has a rounded slot. The combination allows you to simply slide a plate part way underneath the Transfer Cutting Board, sliding food from the board to the plate with no mess.

The Transfer Cutting Board is made from solid beech that has been oiled with biological linseed oil. The wood is guaranteed to be from a German forestry. The cutting board is not dishwasher-safe. The cutting board measures 55 centimeters by 30 centimeters by 4 centimeters. It will fit any plate measuring up to 23 centimeters in diameter (about 9 inches) and up to 2.7 centimeters in height. The cutting board was designed by a German team, Ruby Piterek and Christoph Mannchen, and is produced in Germany. It is about $90.