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A bundt cake with a tropical feel

The Aloha Bundt Cake Pan from Nordic Ware can add a touch of paradise to dessert.

The Aloha Bundt Cake Pan Nordic Ware

Bundt cakes, as a rule, aren't particularly fancy. With the right pan, though, you can make your cake a little fancier. The Aloha Bundt Cake Pan is perfect if you're looking for a tropical feel. The pan's design shapes your cake to look like six small pineapples that form a ring. You don't even need to frost it to get a great look. Unlike many pans that mold details into a baking cake, the design on this pan is not so delicate that you won't be able to get the cake out of the pan when you're ready to eat. And if you're planning to entertain, the pineapple design as an extra meaning: the pineapple has been considered a symbol of hospitality since colonial days.

The Aloha Bundt Cake Pan comes from Nordic Ware and meets its maker's reputation for solid bakeware. It is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum, with a nonstick finish. The finish does mean that the pan should be washed by hand, but cleanup is generally easy. If you're not in the mood for cake, the pan works equally well as a mold for gelatin or ice cream. The Aloha Bundt Cake Pan is priced at $28.66.