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A breath of fresh air

The Undercabinet Air Circulator brings a cool breeze to even the most cramped kitchen.

The Undercabinet Air Circulator Vornado

My kitchen is tiny: if I'm cooking, no one else will fit in the room. It gets stuffy very fast, especially when I'm baking, but there's really no room to add a fan on the floor or even on the counter.

There is one fan I can squeeze in, though. Vornado's Undercabinet Air Circulator mounts underneath a cabinet and over the counter. I don't have to give up any of my counter space to get a breeze going in my kitchen. It even folds under the cabinet it's attached to when I'm not using it, and it pivots to point wherever I choose.

The Undercabinet Air Circulator does have a plug that required a little ingenuity to keep the cord out of my baking. I wound up putting just a couple of spots of tape to run the cord from the fan, under the cabinet, to the wall, and then just let it drop down to the outlet. This fan offers a two-speed control and can move air up to 25 feet, and it's only 8 inches by 7.5 inches by 10 inches. The mount requires four screws and is sturdy enough to withstand the standard banging around a kitchen.