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A 1-terabyte external hard drive for $95 shipped

No rebates, no refurbs. Just a cool terabyte of USB storage for less than a c-note. The Verbatim drive spins at 7,200rpm and sports the usual USB 2.0 interface.

Got storage? You can get a terabyte's worth for $95 out the door. Verbatim

Although not quite as big a steal as the 1.5-terabyte drive from a couple weeks ago (bring it back, Dell, bring it back!), has a Verbatim 1TB USB hard drive for just $94.99 shipped.

As regular readers know, sub-$100 terabyte drives are rare, indeed, and I think that this is the first I've seen that didn't involve a rebate. That's right: $94.99 is your out-the-door price.

The Verbatim drive spins at a peppy 7,200rpm and sports the usual USB 2.0 interface. I think it looks pretty sharp, too, all modeled in shiny black.

The drive comes with CMS BounceBack Express Backup software, which features scheduling, backup sets, and automatic launch options. Even better, Verbatim backs the drive with a three-year warranty.

What do you think? Deal or no deal? Sorry, didn't mean to go all Howie on you.

Update: Looks like this is sold out already. Rats! Well, keep checking, as sometimes replenishes its stock. In the meantime, Newegg has a Fantom 1TB USB/eSATA drive for $94.99 plus shipping.

Update #2: If you're a subscriber to Newegg's newsletter, apply coupon code EMCHDD10 to get the Fantom drive for $85.49!