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3G MacBook could use iPhone 4 antenna, what could possibly go wrong?

Apple is working on a 3G MacBook, with patents revealing the next generation of fruit-based laptops could integrate the troublesome antenna technology found in the iPhone 4...

Apple is working on a 3G MacBook, according to patents revealed today. The plans show Apple is developing laptops that incorporate 3G antenna technology similar to that found in the iPhone 4 -- and we all know how well that turned out.

The diligent chaps at patentlyapple.com spotted the 3G details in a list of 17 patents officially published by the US Patent and Trademark Office today.

There are two patents pointing to a 3G laptop. The first identifies a multi-band cellular telephone antenna for mobile data, separate to the multi-band wireless local area network Wi-Fi antenna. The second concerns the antenna housing, which could be built into the MacBook's chassis in the same way the iPhone 4's antennas are integrated into its outer casing.

Hopefully Apple won't face the same antenna problems as the iPhone 4, which could lose signal if gripped in a certain way. We wouldn't want to shell out for a premium-priced new laptop to find it only worked when held between the third and fourth fingers of the left hand while standing on one leg and facing north-north-east.

The patents allow for next-generation LTE or 4G connection as well as 3G, but that doesn't mean much to us as, 4G is still at the early trial stage. What else would you like to see in the next generation of MacBooks?