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How to unclog your shower head without scrubbing

When mineral buildup is messing with your flow, use this easy tip.


Vinegar and a plastic bag can get your shower head clean.

Alina Bradford/CNET

Are your showers more of a trickle?

If you've noticed that the water pressure in your shower just isn't what it used to be, mineral buildup from hard water inside your shower head is probably the problem. A good indication of mineral buildup is white, crusty bits around the shower head water holes.

Here's an easy way to clear away the buildup and get your shower head working like new.

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Soak it

First, fill a gallon-sized plastic bag halfway with distilled white vinegar. Then lift the bag up to your shower head, completely submerging it in vinegar.

Secure the mouth of the bag around the pipe going into the shower head with a rubber band or twist tie. Let the shower head soak for an hour. 

Give it a rinse

After the soak, remove the bag and wipe down the shower head with a dry cloth. Finally, rinse the holes by turning on your shower. You should notice much stronger water pressure.   

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