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Josh Miller

How to easily move your heavy appliances for cleaning

This tip makes your stove and fridge easier to move to clean under.

Are you afraid of what's lurking under your stove or fridge? Food particles can find their way underneath your kitchen appliances, but cleaning under them is neither pleasant or easy.

What if there was an easier way? There's an simple trick to make your appliances glide across your kitchen floor more easily so you can get to cleaning more often. All you need are some cleaning supplies.

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Spray away

Get out a spray bottle and put one tablespoon of dish soap and two cups of warm water in it. Shake it a few times, then spray around the feet of your appliance. Give the solution a few minutes to seep underneath each foot. Finally, spray in front of the appliance a few feet.

The solution will make the floor slippery, allowing the appliance to move forward with less friction. Be careful to stand to the side of the appliance when you move it to avoid slipping around yourself.

When you're done, mop the floor with clean water to remove the slippery solution.

A more permanent fix

While this tip is a good start, a more permanent solution would be to purchase appliance coasters. Appliance coasters slip under the feet of the appliance to make it slide across the floor with very little effort. You can get them at your local home improvement store or Amazon.