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Alina Bradford/CNET

Here's how to keep your dog calm during 4th of July fireworks

You might love fireworks, but your dog probably doesn't. Keep them happy with these two easy methods.


Don't let fireworks ruin the night.

Alina Bradford/CNET

You probably already know you need to keep your pets inside during the Fourth of July to prevent them from getting spooked by – and possibly running away from – the explosions of fireworks.

But those scary sounds can make their way into your home, too. Here's how to make the night better for you and your dog using distracting sounds and gentle pressure.

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Cover up the noise

Your TV or stereo can be dog's best friends during loud explosions. They can be used to drown out the unusual sounds with something more normal. Turn the television up loud, snuggle on the couch and eat some treats.

If you'd rather listen to music, turn up the tunes and dance the night away with your pup. While you might want to put on relaxing music, it likely won't be able to drown out the fireworks. Instead, make a special playlist or station for the night including your favorite upbeat music on an app like Pandora, Spotify or YouTube. Just make sure to use external speakers, rather than the ones on your laptop or phone, so the music is loud enough to cover up the pops and bangs.

Another way to drown out the noise is to take your dog to a bedroom and turn on a loud fan. Bedrooms typically have plenty of soft objects that absorb sounds, dulling the commotion of fireworks. The fan will provide some white noise that will also help to lessen the sound. I suggest using a box fan or a powerful circular fan for loud, but calming, sound. I personally use a Lasko Cyclone. It's loud, even on low, so you don't get blown away while hiding out.

Pressure makes perfect

If all loud noises (including music, television and fans) freak your dog out, there are some quieter options. Human babies are calmer when swaddled in a blanket because it provides gentle pressure that's soothing. Fur babies are the same way.

Swaddling a dog with a blanket can be difficult, though, especially with larger dogs. A better choice is to use a compression suit or vest. Some good options are the Surgi Snuggly, the ThunderShirt or the American Kennel Club AKC Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat.

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