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Would You Let a Robot Watch Your Dog? This Tech Startup Thinks You Should

The Oro Dog Companion Robot feeds your pup and plays soothing music or a game of fetch when you're not around.

David Watsky Senior Editor / Home and Kitchen
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David Watsky
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oro dog robot flanked by dogs

The Oro Dog Companion has been trained on the behavior of the 10 most popular dog breeds.

Ogmen Robotics

Leaving a dog home alone, even for a few hours, can be a major bummer for you and the dog. Oro, a new dog nanny robot unveiled by Ogmen Robotics at CES 2024 is programmed to recognize signs of anxiety or restlessness in your dog and provide engagement, comfort and, of course, treats when you're not around.

We got a first look at the pet companion that aims to soothe and entertain your pup. While it wasn't being tested at the show, only displayed, a spokesperson for the brand said the $800 Oro Dog Companion Robot will begin shipping in April.

oro dog robot

Oro may be the world's smartest pet care system. I met the robot nanny at CES 2024.

David Watsky/CNET

The Oro is built with advanced AI, founder Divye Bhutani said as the robot waited obediently beside us at the brand's CES booth. The smart bot pet nanny is fitted with two-way audio and a video screen so you can interact with your dog remotely. It even allows you to capture images and videos to share with friends. 

A built-in dispenser launches treats for your good boy or girl on your command, and a separate automatic food bowl releases food on schedule, or on command if you're away during your pet's regular feeding time. 

dog eating while robot looks on

Feed your dog on command, even from afar, with the automatic dog bowl. 

Ogmen Robotics

A ball thrower housed in Oro's middle will play fetch for as long as your canine can keep up -- as long as you can train them to bring the ball back. (My terrier has yet to master this skill.) Oro can also navigate the home autonomously using an advanced camera and lidar-based mapping system to tag along with your pup and clue you in on the action.

Perhaps most impressive is Oro's advanced AI learning, which helps the bot get to know your four-legged pal. Oro aims to learn your dog's behavior patterns and snap into action with soothing music or physical interaction when it senses distress, restlessness or the desire to play. Because distress manifests differently in different dogs, Oro comes programmed to recognize audible and physical signs of distress in 10 of the most popular domestic breeds.

dog next to pee on carpet with oro robot looking on

If Oro can't solve the issue on its own, it will alert you remotely to your dog's most pressing needs.  

Ogmen Robotics

If you're not sure when your pooch is due for their next rabies shot or dose of heartworm medicine, the integrated Oro app will diligently record and track health documents and medical records, so you never fall behind. 

The pet companion robot was present but not in action at the big consumer tech show in Vegas this week. Frankly, we can't wait to see it do its thing. 

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