On a tight budget? Check out these ovens that cost less than $1,500

These seven ranges deliver solid performances at budget-friendly prices.

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Buying an oven doesn't have to mean spending thousands of dollars. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Home appliance ads can be discouraging if you're in the market for a new oven. Manufacturers are quick to show off their latest range models that are loaded with various cooking modes, wrapped in stainless steel and priced into the four figures. We see a lot of these models in the CNET test kitchen ( one that even approached $10,000 ). Fortunately, we've also seen budget-friendly ranges that performed well in our cooking tests. Here are seven ranges that got our attention and cost less than $1,500.

Your wallet will thank you for these sub-$1,500 ranges (pictures)

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This GE Artistry Electric Range has cool retro styling for a smooth $600. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

GE Artistry Series Electric Range

This retro-styled range from GE proves that eye-catching design is attainable for less than $1,000. This $600 oven lacks upgrades that are standard for higher-priced ovens, such as self-cleaning capability, a convection fan and a hidden bake element. But the simple, old-school appearance makes this range stand out from similarly priced competitors. Plus, the Artistry range is easy to use and provides consistent cooking performance.

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The GE JB650SFSS offers some nice features at a low price, such as a five-burner cooktop and a steam clean option. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

GE 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range (model JB650SFSS)

GE delivers another affordable range with the JB650SFSS, a smooth-top electric model with a stainless steel finish. The range's look isn't as unique as GE's Artistry line, but the JB650SFSS has a streamlined touchpad, five burners and a steam clean option that make up for its generic appearance. The JB650SFSS originally cost $800 when we reviewed it back in December, but some retailers now sell the range for $700 or less.

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This Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range looks expensive, but the model costs less than $1,000. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Frigidaire Gallery 30-Inch Electric Range

This Frigidaire model looks more expensive than its original $899 price. Stainless-steel finishes, a smooth cooktop with a warming zone and a quick-boil feature are just some of the features that make this range feel like an upgrade. Its performance in our cooking tests was consistent, even without having a convection fan in the oven to more evenly distribute heat. We weren't too pleased with its MSRP at the time of our review, but a quick online search reveals that the price for this Frigidaire Gallery range is as low as $650 at some retailers.

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The $1,400 Kenmore 74343 has a lot to love, such as its intuitive touchpad and fast boiling times. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Kenmore 74343

The first gas range on this list impressed us with its intuitive touchpad, nice looks and solid cooking performance. For $1,400, the Kenmore 74343's oven comes with a convection fan that makes for more even multirack baking. The Kenmore also excels when it comes to boiling water: Its large 18,200-BTU burner brought 112 ounces of water to a rolling boil in 9.75 minutes. Not too shabby for less than $2,000.

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The KitchenAid KGRS306BSS is a gas range with an impressive oven that cooks up tasty biscuits and burgers. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

KitchenAid Freestanding Gas Range Architect Series II (model KGRS306BSS )

This gas range came with an MSRP of $1,649 when we reviewed it back in April, but retailers have already dropped this model to $1,250. That's a fair price to pay for the KGRS306BSS, which produced some of the tastiest, most uniform biscuits we'd had in the test kitchen and broiled six burgers in a hasty 14 minutes and 37 seconds. The responsive, simple design also makes this range a top pick.

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The Samsung NX58F5700 comes with a load of accessories and a streamlined appearance that makes it feel more like a high-end range. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung Gas Range with True Convection (model NX58F5700 )

Samsung loaded this midpriced gas range with the slick details of a more expensive model. The touchscreen has with a digital LED display that blends into the stainless steel finishes, and the model comes with cooktop accessories such as a wok ring and a griddle. The cooking times weren't the fastest, but the range produced some tasty food. The NX58F5700 was originally priced at $1,699, but it's possible for consumers to find a model for $1,299.

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The Flex Duo insert on the Samsung NE59J7850WS gives this range double-oven capabilities. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung Dual Door Flex Duo (model NE59J7850WS)

Versatility is the selling point for this Samsung range. The NE59J7850WS (originally $1,899, now available for $1,470) includes a Flex Duo divider that gives you double-oven capability. There's also a latch that lets you open a smaller door for the top part of the oven without letting heat escape from the bottom portion. Add the speedy broiler and the quick convection roast mode, and you have a valuable tool for the kitchen.

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