This new bathroom faucet is also a water fountain and that's genius

This faucet is solving problems we didn't even know we had.

Molly Price Former Editor
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We've tested our fair share of smart faucets at the CNET Smart HomeDelta and Kohler both released Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen faucets last year that work with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. The faucets looked exactly as I expected -- two handles and a spout, with a retractable spray nozzle. After all, it isn't often that someone earnestly tries to reinvent the wheel.

Enter the Da Vinci faucet. I mean water fountain. I mean faucet. Whatever it is, I love this thing. 


The faucet comes from a company called Nasoni, whose name is a nod to the public drinking fountains sprinkled across Rome, and for good reason. 

The Da Vinci faucet looks normal at first glance, with two handles and a regular spout. You can get it in center-set or widespread configurations and several finishes including brushed nickel, polished chrome and gloss black nickel. 

But it's also a water fountain, and that's a genius idea in my opinion. Think about it: Washing your face, brushing your teeth, shaving or just getting a quick sip of water all mean craning your neck beneath the faucet or cupping your hands to splash your face. It's awkward and messy and wasteful, but the Da Vinci solves that with a simple spout.


On the top of the faucet arc is a small drinking fountain nozzle. Just to the right of that is a lever to control it. Turn the lever mounted on the right side of the faucet and that nozzle releases an arc of water just like any standard drinking fountain. 

The Da Vinci's drinking nozzle uses less water, too. In fact, conserving water is one of the biggest selling points, according to Nasoni, who says using the spout wastes 88% less water than a standard faucet. That means you could save a lot of water while going about your morning and evening routines. 

The Da Vinci faucet first appeared on Kickstarter, but you can now buy it on Nasoni's website. It ranges from $479 to $599 depending on the configuration and finish. The company also sells a custom $129 under-cabinet water filter, if you're concerned about drinking your tap water unfiltered.

I'll admit those prices are a bit expensive for a faucet. Still, I'm fascinated by the cleverness of this design. Having my own personal water fountain in the bathroom sounds fantastically luxurious, and I hope the idea sticks around.

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