Let Siri control your GE window air conditioner

Is it hot in here? Tell Siri to make it cooler.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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A new line of GE window air conditioners works with Siri via Apple HomeKit.


GE Appliances, a brand of large and small home appliances owned by Haier, now sells a line of window air conditioners that work with Apple HomeKit.

HomeKit is Apple's smart home platform. Somewhat similar to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, HomeKit relies on Siri on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and HomePod smart speaker for voice commands. You can also use the iOS-only Home app to configure and control your HomeKit-enabled devices.

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GE's A/C units are no exception. Available at Home Depot, Lowe's and though GE Appliances dealers, the window air conditioners range from a $248 8,000-BTU model to $359 12,000-BTU model. All of them work with Alexa and Google Assistant, in addition to HomeKit. 

You can use any Siri-enabled Apple device to control these air conditioners at home on your Wi-Fi network, but you'll need a HomeKit "hub" to control them remotely. HomePod speakers, fourth-gen Apple TVs and iPads (with the most recent iOS update) can all act as HomeKit hubs. 

8,000 BTUs should be able to cool a 400-square-foot space; 12,000 BTUs should be able to handle a larger, 550-square-foot space. 

Each unit has three cooling settings and an "EZ-mount window kit" that's supposed to make it easier to install. A status light on the air conditioners also lets you know when the filter needs to be changed. 

We haven't come across a lot of smart window A/C units, but we did review the Quirky+GE Aros window air conditioner back in 2014. The Aros is no longer widely sold, but it was pretty revolutionary at the time. GE's newest line of smart window air conditioners don't look as design-forward as the Aros, but they do offer a lot more smart integrations.

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