Ikea's summer lineup includes solar-powered outdoor LED lights

The low-cost lamps and fixtures use solar panels and high-efficiency LEDs to stay powered for years.

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Ry Crist

The Swedish home furnishing gurus at Ikea have been on the LED bandwagon for a few years now, but this summer, it'll take things one step further with a new lineup of outdoor LED lamps and lights that draw their power straight from the sun.

The new "Solvinden" line of lights features several low-cost lamps, fixtures, and string lights designed to light up your back yard, balcony, or porch. All of them are rated for outdoor use and feature built-in solar panels. Couple that with highly efficient, long-lasting LED lights, and you're looking at outdoor fixtures that should keep shining for years and years -- no power outlet necessary. 

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Solar-powered LED rocks. A thing!


Table lamps and hanging lamps covered in patterned fabrics are the most traditional offerings of the bunch, but you'll also find artsy luminaries designed to cast patterned shadows, and even faux LED rocks that light up when it's dark out. All of them use solar power to keep their rechargeable batteries powered.

Prices on the Solvinden lights start at just a few bucks, with most of the fixtures coming in below $20. Ikea expects to start selling them at retail as soon as this month, so get ready to dig into some Swedish meatballs as you spend an hour shuffling through the store nearest you trying to find them.