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How to Move Big and Heavy Kitchen Appliances for Easy Cleaning

It's time for spring cleaning, which means you need to clean under your fridge and stove.

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Expertise Macy covers a variety of topics across CNET's Home and Wellness teams, including home security, smart home tech, fitness, nutrition, travel, lifestyle and more. Credentials Macy has been working for CNET for coming on 2 years. Prior to CNET, Macy received a North Carolina College Media Association award in sports writing.
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When is the last time you cleaned under your stove or fridge? 


It's time for spring cleaning, and that means you need to deep clean your kitchen. Sure, you probably wipe down the counter and cabinets often enough, but when was the last time you cleaned under your stove or fridge? 

Food particles, crumbs and splatters can easily find their way underneath your kitchen appliances, but moving these heavy items isn't trivial. It can be difficult or even dangerous to try to lift, slide or maneuver these appliances. And it's not recommended that you do it alone or without proper techniques. 

Luckily, there are some easy tricks to help. Below, you'll find two simple hacks to make your appliances glide across your kitchen floor more easily so you can get to cleaning more often. All you need are a few, common cleaning supplies. For more cleaning tips, explore how to wash your bedding the right way and how to clean your kitchen in under 15 minutes

1. Use a spray bottle 

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Get out a spray bottle and put one tablespoon of dish soap and two cups of warm water in it. Shake it a few times, then spray around the feet of your appliance. Give the solution a few minutes to seep underneath each foot. Finally, spray in front of the appliance a few feet.

The solution will make the floor slippery, allowing the appliance to move forward with less friction. Be careful to stand to the side of the appliance when you move it to avoid slipping around yourself. When you're done, mop the floor with clean water to remove the slippery solution.

2. Slide the appliances away

While the spray bottle tip is a good place to start, a more permanent solution would be to buy appliance coasters. These appliance coasters slip under the feet of the heavy appliance to make it slide across the floor with very little effort, and so the appliance doesn't scratch the floor. You can find these items at your local home improvement store or online at Amazon.

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