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Home Chef Is a Valuable and Tasty Gift for Busy Parents

I've tried a number of meal kit programs over the years. Home Chef is easy, affordable and delicious.

Farnoosh Torabi Former Editor at Large
Farnoosh Torabi is a financial strategist, host of the award-winning podcast So Money and a bestselling author.
Farnoosh Torabi
2 min read

As it is for many parents, sitting down for a family dinner is important to me. Even more crucial is that I don't succumb to ordering pepperoni pizza every night. But between work and managing our kids' schedules, it's challenging for my husband and me to plan and prepare home-cooked meals. We've tried a number of meal kit programs that deliver to your doorstep over the years, but the one we're digging the most these days is Home Chef. Whether for a busy parent or someone who's low on time but high on hopes for cooking tasty meals, Home Chef is my top holiday gift idea.

Why it's a great gift: Whether you're vegetarian or a meat-lover or just have picky kids and want easy-to-follow recipes, you're sure to find tasty and nutritious options through Home Chef. You can create and update your profile to reflect your meal preferences so that Home Chef curates the best options for you. The program is also flexible. You can adjust the frequency of your deliveries as needed. And the meals themselves are easy to adjust. Home Chef lets you customize the ingredients to make them more to your liking. For example, with one click, I swapped pork for chicken in a meal kit for Korean-style tacos. Read our Home Chef review.

What you'll pay: Typical Home Chef meals begin at $9 per serving and there is a minimum weekly order value of $50. Gift cards are customizable and can be any amount between $25 and $500.

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