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The Nutribullet Is the Kitchen Gadget You Won't Regret Buying

It's powerful, easy to clean and one of the best moderately priced blenders you can give someone.

Katie Collins Senior European Correspondent
Katie a UK-based news reporter and features writer. Officially, she is CNET's European correspondent, covering tech policy and Big Tech in the EU and UK. Unofficially, she serves as CNET's Taylor Swift correspondent. You can also find her writing about tech for good, ethics and human rights, the climate crisis, robots, travel and digital culture. She was once described a "living synth" by London's Evening Standard for having a microchip injected into her hand.
Katie Collins
2 min read

No matter how many TikTok recipes I try out, there's one thing I make every single day without fail: a creamy blueberry and banana smoothie. I love the fact that I can whiz it up in my Nutribullet in a matter of a seconds along with a few handfuls of spinach, honey, oats, vanilla and cinnamon, along with a smattering of chia seeds that the sharp blades make light work of.

It's why when I was asked to recommend a gift for the holiday season, this year the Nutribullet is my first and only choice. 

Why it's a great gift: For me, the big question when it comes to tech is: If it broke tomorrow, would you immediately rush out and buy a replacement? If the answer is yes, you know that product is a winner.

I've been given other kitchen appliances in the past -- an ill-fated spiralizer, a panini press, a slow cooker -- and I suspected the Nutribullet would be another products that I'd use religiously for a couple of months before pushing it to the back of a cupboard. But I couldn't have been more wrong. It's been over two years since my brother-in-law gave it to me and my husband, and I'm shocked but happy to report I still use it on a daily basis.

A key reason for this is that, unlike many other specialist appliances I've used in the past, it's easy to clean. After I've finished using it, I just pop some warm soapy water inside it, give it another blitz and it's good to go again.

I'm aware that picking a product that's known for being part of a healthy lifestyle makes me sound suspiciously virtuous -- but don't be fooled. I also use it to make delicious pestos and pasta sauces, and it's even mixed a mean frozen margarita or two in its time.

I'm a big believer in choosing products for your home only if they make your life simpler and more fun, not buying things just for the sake of it. Even in a compact kitchen with limited counter space, I can guarantee that the Nutribullet meets this brief and then some.

What you'll pay: The list price for the Nutribullet is $70, but you can find it on Amazon right now for $62.

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