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Try this easy meal kit service for $2.49 per serving

I tested EveryPlate meal kits to find out how tasty this deal really is.


If you're been dancing around the idea of trying a meal delivery service in the new year, this wildly cheap meal kit sign-up deal may be too good to pass up. EveryPlate, which is already the most affordable meal kit service around just got even more so, slashing the per-serving price from a very small $5 to a tiny $2.49 per serving when you sign up now. It's one of the best meal kit deals I've ever seen, and I've looked. The tasty deal makes a great gift for a budding chef, a busy home cook or to have a little convenience delivered to your own door.

So is EveryPlate even any good? Boy, I'm glad you asked: I actually just finished trying out this new player in the growing meal kit category -- full review here -- and was wholly impressed, especially for the price. EveryPlate manages to keep those prices low by filtering out some fluffy accommodations you get with other companies, like catering to special diets or using trendy ingredients, but every meal I made tasted great. With EveryPlate, expect lots of hearty comfort foods like meatloaf with hoisin glaze and wasabi mashed potatoes or southwest pork rice bowls with kiwi salsa and lime crema. Many of the meal kits make for excellent cold-weather eats, I might add, and are very kid- and family-friendly to boot.

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Does $2.49 per serving sound too cheap to be true? Well, it is and it isn't. You do have to order at least three meals per box, plus there's $9 for shipping. With all that, your first week grand total is still just under $24 for three meals and six total servings. This is also a sign-up offer so your meal kits will go up to $4 per serving for weeks two and three and then $5 per serving after that. (Although, honestly, $5 per person is still pretty darn cheap for a no-fuss meal kit for two or four people.) 

Most importantly, you can pause or cancel anytime, so if you've been curious about giving meal kits a try, I'd suggest taking advantage of this low-risk offer from EveryPlate while it's still around.