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Add a dog-friendly protector to your backseat for $18 today

Love your dog enough to protect them as well as your car when you drive.

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There are some dogs who seem built to be in a car, calm and collected and really just excited to sit there and be a part of the adventure. Then there are the rest of them: dogs who scratch at your seats and drool themselves into a puddle (or worse) because they're a little anxious about being in the car. A great way to keep more nervous dogs safe, as well as your back seat, is with a seat cover. And if you grab one at the $18 price we found, you'll be getting it for more than half off. 

The Pijaya Dog Cover for your backseat is waterproof, scratch-resistant and made of a nonslip material to keep your best friend safe and secure. There's a mesh window so you can see through if you need it, as well as a pair of pockets to store cleaning wipes to sanitize the mat after your pet has left the car. It's a super simple set up, and if you regularly drive with your pet you'll be glad you have it in place.