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5 reasons why you should buy a cordless vacuum

From being light and fun to offering slick high-tech features, here's why cordless vacuums are so compelling.

Dyson V15 Detect 2
Cordless vacuums are fun to use, compact and lightweight.
Brian Bennett/CNET

Cordless vacuum cleaners have become very popular and there are plenty of reasons why. They're lighter, smaller, and easier to use than traditional upright machines. They often come with numerous attachments for tackling specific tasks and floor types.

Pair all that with the lack of a frustrating power cord to drag around, it's a cinch to see why these appliances are uniquely capable cleaners. If you're still on the fence as to whether you should get a cordless vacuum, this guide is for you. Here, I'll lay out all the reasons cordless vacuums are superior to old-school corded models. 

1: They're much lighter

Standard corded upright vacuums can easily weigh more than 15 pounds, and in some cases as much as 22 pounds. Dyson's latest cordless stick vac, the V15 Detect tips the scales at less than half that (6.8 pounds). Our current midrange cordless vacuum pick, the Tineco A11 Hero weighs even less (5.5 pounds).

Even Dyson's beefier model, the Outsize, weighs just 7.8 pounds. These lighter loads translate to less strain while you vacuum. That makes the task feel like less of a chore.  

2: Relatively compact size 

Due to their thin, wand-like appearance, cordless vacuums are often referred to as stick vacs. This ultra-slim design style also means they're more compact than traditional upright vacuums. Because most cordless vacuums come with many modular, swappable attachments, you can configure them to be even smaller.

Removing their long wands then reattaching their cleaning heads transforms a cordless vacuum into a highly maneuverable handheld vac, perfect for cleaning stairs or getting into corners or other small spaces. Switch in a crevasse tool and you now have a couch or car vac. Swap the wand back in then connect a dusting head and you have a long-range duster. The list goes on and on.  

3: Cordless means convenience

I can't emphasize enough just how convenient it is to vacuum without a power cord. There's no more accidental socket unplugs as you walk around rooms. You no longer need to worry about getting caught up on chair and table legs, or knocking over fragile items. You're free to go where you want, anywhere the vacuum can fit.

Those who worry about running out of a charge mid-clean, consider this: Many newer models offer removable battery packs. That way you'll be able to exchange a spent battery for a fresh one if necessary. A few models even come with charging stations that can charge two batteries simultaneously. Both Samsung and LG currently have products in their lineups with this feature.

The new LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kommpressor comes with a unique charging stand that can empty the vacuum's dustbin automatically.


4: Simple to empty

Cordless vacuums typically have dustbins that are designed for easy emptying. Current Dyson models eject their bins' contents directly into the trash. The same is true for the Tineco A11 Hero. 

Top of the line Samsung and LG stick vacs go one step further. Similar to high-end robot vacuums, both these products are tricked out with charging docks that also automatically empty their dustbins.

The Dyson V15 Detect in action.


5: Other slick extras

With its V15 Detect vacuum, Dyson has taken a different technological path. Instead of advanced charging stands and docks, the Detect is equipped with a sensor that tallies both the size and number of dirt particles it picks up. Also interesting is the "Laser Slim Fluffy" cleaner head. It shines a green laser that illuminates dust on the floor that would otherwise be invisible.