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The best places to buy hand sanitizer right now

Turn to online retailers instead of your usual grocery store.


Can't find hand sanitizer in stores? Try these online storefronts instead.

Angela Lang/CNET
For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Ordinary household hygiene items like hand sanitizer and hand soap have become hot commodities thanks to the coronavirus-- they're still flying off of shelves at stores even months into the pandemic . Fortunately, many online retailers are still stocking both gel and spray sanitizers, though it might take some time to receive your order.

Many of these brands didn't make hand sanitizer before the coronavirus pandemic, but as demand for the product rose, they saw an opportunity to start manufacturing it. As mentioned above, some of these are a hand sanitizer spray, while others are a hand sanitizer gel. Both options are good when you're looking for where to buy hand sanitizer.

Because of the pandemic, we don't blame people who want an extra bottle or two of hand sanitizer to throw in their bags for situations when soap and hand washing aren't an option. If willing to wait a couple of days for those bottles to arrive at your doorstep, but are wondering where to buy hand sanitizer, have we got the list for you (updated May 16, 2020).

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All sanitizer products on this list are in stock as of May 19, 2020. Pricing and availability may change day to day.


Wellnesse is a hair care company that started making hand sanitizer to meet the growing demand. For $10, you get a two-ounce spray bottle of sanitizer that contains 62% ethyl alcohol and is said to kill 99.99% of germs. There's free shipping on your first purchase.

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Maapilim is a beauty company that specializes in hair care, skin care and facial skin care, but recently released a new gel aloe vera hand sanitizer. Formulated with 70% alcohol, Maapilim hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs. Get it in a 3.4-ounce bottle of sanitizer for $10, plus $7 flat rate shipping. 


Biosilk, another hair care company, is selling a variety of moisturizing hand sanitizers with up to 77% ethyl alcohol. These hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs. Note that Biosilk does not ship these products to Alaska or Hawaii.


The Chi brand lives under Biosilk, its parent company, and is also selling various hand sanitizer products. You can choose the Chi Organic Gardens Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer or two Biosilk hand sanitizers that you can also find on the Biosilk website. Like above, these contain 77% alcohol and kill 99.99% of germs.


Hempz is a skin care brand that makes hemp-based moisturizers, some with CBD. They now offer a 17-ounce pump bottle hand sanitizer with 63% ethyl alcohol, which kills 99.99% of germs. The online store limits one bottle of sanitizer per customer, and standard shipping is $11. 


Cabinet, a new digital direct-to-consumer storefront, sells over-the-counter medications for less than you might pay at a traditional drugstore. Their cold and flu preparedness kit includes two 2-ounce hand sanitizer sprays that contain 70% alcohol. Cabinet doesn't yet ship sanitizer to all states -- you'll get a notification if you try to check out and live in a state the company doesn't ship to.


A beauty store known for lash, brow and hair care, Vegamour has also turned to making sanitizer. A 6-ounce, 75% isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer spray is available online. 


Humankind, a personal care store with a focus on sustainability and reduced plastic waste, has hand sanitizer available in both grapefruit and unscented varieties. Get the 8-ounce aluminum bottle of sanitizer with 65% ethyl alcohol for $10.

Muse Health

Muse Health is a branch-off company from Muse Intimacy. The parent company, CC Wellness, saw an opportunity to start producing hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can purchase an 8-ounce bottle of Muse hand sanitizer on the Muse Health website. With 65% denatured ethyl alcohol, the sanitizer meets the CDC's formula guidelines to kill 99.99% of germs. Shipping time is three days.


If you need or want a lot of miniature, portable hand sanitizers, check out Yoobi, a crafts and office supplies retailer, which has added hand sanitizer to their product roundup. Get a 50-pack of 1.5ml mini-hand sanitizers, which consist of 70% denatured ethyl alcohol. Expect this Yoobi hand sanitizer to ship between June 1 and June 15, 2020.

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