Neutrogena Will 3D Print You Custom Gummies After Scanning Your Face. Yes, That Neutrogena

Neutrogena says the 28-day supply will help improve your skin.

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Bree Fowler
An image of Neutrogena's Skinstacks gummies.

Custom skin-nutrient gummies from Neutrogena.

Bree Fowler/CNET

Neutrogena has asked us for years to put its soaps, lotions and other products onto our bodies. Now it wants us to put its creations into our mouths. 

The company best known for face wash and moisturizing lotion is promising better skin through its custom Skinstacks skin-nutrient gummies, launched this week at CES in Las Vegas. The product is a joint effort between Neutrogena and supplement-maker Nourished.

To create the custom gummies here at CES, Neutrogena will scan your face for a skin reading and suggest which vitamins and minerals it thinks your skin most needs. Then, a 3D printer literally produces the chewable gummies Neutrogena claims will nourish your skin. 

Neutrogena says the supplements, which cost $50 for a 28-day supply, are vegan, sugar-free and come in plastic-free packaging. How do they taste? I'll let you know after I get my face scanned and my own personal formula printed later this week.

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