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How Does Amazon Pharmacy's Automatic Coupon Feature Work?

The system adds discounts for generic and brand-name drugs at checkout.

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Dan Avery
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Trelegy inhaler

The COPD medication Trelegy is among the brand name drugs with coupons that will automatically register on Amazon Pharmacy.  


Amazon Pharmacy is now automatically applying manufacturers' coupons for select medications. Amazon announced Wednesday that it has partnered with several pharma companies to integrate relevant discounts directly at checkout.

The company cited a Massachusetts Health Policy Commission study that found patients used manufacturer-sponsored drug coupons only 15% of the time.

"Even once coupons are found, a patient faces a tedious, confusing process that involves searching online, downloading forms, enrolling in a program, or having to call the drug manufacturer directly," Amazon said in a statement. "We believe getting the medication you need should be as easy as shopping on Amazon."

The announcement comes while as many as 15 million Americans are poised to lose Medicaid benefits after continuous coverage mandates expire on April 1.

Customers who receive Medicaid or other government health care can't use manufacturers' coupons, Amazon said.

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How does the automatic coupon system work?

If your drug is eligible for a coupon, the regular and discounted price will appear at checkout on the Amazon Pharmacy website or app. 

Which prescriptions are included?

Currently, Amazon said, it has established relationships with GSK, Kaléo, Novo Nordisk and Dexcom.

Coupons are already available for the asthma drug Trelegy, the weight loss injectable Wegovy, G6 and G7 continuous glucose monitoring systems, and AUVI-Q, which is given for severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis.

What other benefits does Amazon Pharmacy have?

Automating coupons is just the latest of Amazon's efforts to challenge brick-and-mortar pharmacy chains like Walgreens and Target. RxPass, a subscription service that provides generic medications for only $5 a month for your entire order, launched in January.

In addition, Prime members can access a prescription savings benefit that takes up to 80% off generics and 40% off brand name drugs when you pay without insurance on the Amazon Pharmacy or at thousands of participating pharmacies. 

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