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Fitness deals: Save $30 on adjustable dumbbells, 48% on Openfit app and more

Three discounts to keep your summer workouts moving.

To borrow a cliche, setting yourself up for success is probably the best, first step you can take in any fitness journey. That doesn't have to mean an expensive gym membership or a personal trainer, but a few well-placed pieces of fitness accouterments can make working out easier and more sustainable. We noticed three discounts that could spark or bolster your own personal fitness revolution: An adjustable dumbbell set is $30 off, while a pair of smaller 3-pound neoprene hand weights is down to $20 on Amazon (or $12 for the two-pounders). Finally, the top-rated Openfit fitness and wellness app is giving 48% off when you sign up for a two-year subscription ($99).

Let's take a closer look at Thursday's fitness deals. 


These are great for toning and sculpting. Lug them up onto the stationary bike or take them jogging and your arms will thank you. Well, not right away, but you get the idea. Grab the set of 2-pound weights for just $12.

LifePro Fitness

If the goal is bulk, rather than tone, these adjustable dumbbells will help you get there. They'll go from 5 all the way up to 25 pounds for in-home resistance training. Just slide the adjustment dial while the dumbbell is sitting in the rack and it'll drop or pick up whatever weight you need for a particular exercise. 

Use code LIFEPRO30 at checkout to nab this fitness deal and you'll be pumpin' in no time. 


Openfit is one of the many trendy new apps that blends fitness, nutrition and wellness. It features hundreds of live and on-demand workouts (to make use of your new weights) including barre, Pilates, cardio, strength training and yoga. You can create a customized meal plan, track your calories and access thousands of healthy recipes. 

Openfit has a near-perfect score on the App Store and new users can nab a two-year subscription for under $100 right now.

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