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This Epson All-in-One Wireless Printer Is Down to Just $70, Its Best Price Yet

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good printer these days. This one is on sale and in-stock now.

Buying a printer can be tricky these days. Availability of printers has been hit-and-miss for the past two years and there's a lot to consider when getting one. From the initial price to the available features and even the cost of ink refills, picking out the right printer can be a time-consuming process. Late last year I was in the same situation, and actually ended up buying this Epson all-in-one printer that's now on sale at Target for just $70. That's a $40 savings, which is great because then you can use the money you've saved to buy more ink.

My old printer was great, but replacement ink cost almost as much as this printer, and it didn't last long. I felt like I was always running out of ink, and once one of the colors was out, you had to replace it before anything else would print, which was annoying. The ink for this Epson model is much more affordable, with the black one coming in at around $20 and the color ones varying, depending whether you buy all of them at once or each color individually. You can upgrade to the XL versions of the ink and replace them all for just $57, which is cheaper than the $70 blank ink I was buying for my previous printer.

This is an all-in-one printer, meaning it can scan documents, make copies and print double-sided pages from a wide range of devices. You can use your phone to print directly to the printer or wirelessly from your PC, depending which works best for you. It's pretty small, which means it fits in a lot of places that other printers won't. If you're in need of a new printer or are just tired of spending a small fortune on ink, be sure to give this one a shot at this price.