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The most popular grilling products on Amazon

From marinades and meat injectors to charcoal chimneys and shredding claws, these are some of Amazon's best-sellers for barbecue season.

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$449 at Amazon
Weber Spirit II E-310 LP gas grill
$209 at Amazon
Weber Q1200 portable gas grill
$40 at Amazon
Thermamite pizza stone
$40 at Amazon
Alpha Grillers tools set
$13 at Amazon
Bear Paws Shredder Claws
$25 at Amazon
Weber grill lighter cubes
$12 at Amazon
Kingsford charcoal chimney
$23 at Amazon
Urban Accents butcher shop gourmet grilling spice rub gift set
$20 at Amazon
Primal Kitchen 3-pack organic and unsweetened barbecue and steak sauce
$15 at Amazon
Weber black peppercorn marinade
$33 at Amazon
Grill Beast stainless steel meat injector kit
$11 at Amazon
ThermaPro digital instant read meat thermometer
$24 at Amazon
Image Magnetic ultra-bright barbecue grill light
$31 at Amazon
Blackstone 36-inch heavy duty grill cover
$23 at Amazon
GrillArt grill brush and scraper
$30 at Amazon
Hudson Durable Goods professional-grade chef apron

Grilling season always gets a warm welcome in my circles but, sweet fancy molasses, it is good to see that spring has sprung this year. As the weather warms, folks across the country are already dragging out their grills for the season and donning their best pitmaster personas. 

While grilling know-how is paramount, to get the most out of the season there are some smart inventions and time-tested tools designed to make your backyard barbecue operation run smoother -- and they shouldn't be overlooked. But perhaps you're wondering how to find the best grilling products with so many of them to sort through. 

One way to suss out some of the better grilling gear -- or at least some of the most popular -- is by scrolling the best-sellers for grilling gear, gadgets and tools on Amazon. I learned this trick the hard way after deciding to shop for my grill accessories without reading online reviews one year. Drunk on a craving for perfectly grilled chicken kebabs, I went to my local hardware store and grabbed some random tools I thought might be helpful. 

Long story short: They weren't. A few frustrating hours and half of a missing eyebrow later, my partner and I accepted that we'd fallen victim to low-quality barbecue tools and not even our matching his-and-hers "Licensed to Grill" aprons could shield us from scorching buyer's remorse.

While facial hair grows back, the same can't be said for money spent on subpar barbecue products. Whether you're a certified grill master or an anxious newbie, the lesson here this: Do some research. To make things a little easier, we sorted through Amazon's top-rated grilling products made to keep your eyebrows intact, your grill humming and help you turn out some of the best grilled meats, fish and veggies ever. 

Check out our picks from Amazon's top-rated grilling products.

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It's easy to see why this Weber Grill is a best-seller at Amazon. Buyers love it because it heats quickly and maintains an even temperature, allowing for efficient grilling. People also seem to dig the reversible cooking grates: The thin side is ideal for delicate food such as fish and shrimp, while the wider side creates perfect sear marks. With some grills costing thousands of dollars, this Weber model has everything you look for in an outdoor barbecue experience including handy, space-saving features like a foldable side table and integrated hooks for your grilling tools. And it clocks in at a price that should leave a few bucks left over for the meat. 

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This small Weber grill is formidable and took the top spot on our list of the best portable grills in 2021, so it's no wonder it's popular on Amazon too. While you may not be able to grill steaks for a family of eight -- at least not all at once -- this mighty little propane grill is perfect for apartment dwellers or to take on a camping trip or picnic in the park. 

The Weber Q has an electric ignition, a grilling surface of 280 square inches and 12,000 BTUs which is plenty to char those chicken wings and burgers. The sturdy folding work tables are also super handy and great for saving space. The best part is the Weber Q super simple to assemble and if you'd like to make things official, a portable cart is available separately. 

Cast Elegeance

If you're not making pizza on the grill, you're missing an entire crowd-pleasing category this time of year. It's especially handy when you've tired of burgers, dogs and chicken but turning on the inside oven still feels like a fatal mistake. All you need for really crispy grilled pizza with very little mess to clean up is this thermamite pizza stone. Oh, and all the ingredients for pizza, I suppose.

Alpha Grillers

There are some mandatory grilling tools that everyone should have at the ready before anything else happens. This four-pack has the essentials including the all-important tongs, spatula, fork and a rubber basting brush. Don't get caught without any of them when the flames start flying or you'll be sorry.


If you're planning to make pulled or shredded chicken this year -- or you're planning to go as a bear for Halloween -- these will help immensely.


We love charcoal but it does often take some time to get going. These highly combustible lighter cubes will get your charcoal burning faster and deliver a more consistent heat, even when things are a little damp. 


Another way to light your charcoal fast and evenly is with a simple charcoal chimney. There's no reason to stray from a true expert in the field such as Kingsford. 

Weber's version of the same tool also lands on the Amazon best-seller list. While it is a few bucks more, it's perhaps a smidge sleeker and more stylish.


Cover all of your bases with this three-pack "Butcher Shop" gourmet spice rub set from Chicago-based company Urban Accents. Inspired by the world's capitals of grilling, the collection includes: Chicago Steak & Chop (a blend of sea salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper that's ideal for seasoning beef, pork and portobello mushroom); Kansas City Classic Rub (a sweet and spicy combo made with brown sugar, ancho, chipotle and allspice to add some sweet heat to ribs and pork chops) and Argentina Steak Rub (a unique chimichurri-inspired blend of red pepper, oregano, sea salt and citrus that works with both chicken and steak). 

Primal Kitchen

Amazon's best-selling barbecue sauce is also USDA Organic and Whole30-approved. It's paleo-, primal- and keto-friendly. Available in a three pack, the collection includes a sugar free steak sauce, a classic barbecue sauce and a golden barbecue sauce. The two barbecue sauces are free of corn syrup, agave, honey, dates, maple syrup or cane sugar -- making them ideal for anyone who is trying to stay on the low end of the glycemic index without sacrificing flavor.

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Hailed as the OG of marinades, this savory blend of crushed black peppercorn, onion and other seasonings does wonders for steaks and pork chops. Recommended for grilling, broiling or even pan-frying, this go-to marinade will season and tenderize your meat in minutes. As one reviewer says, "once you try it, you'll never grill a steak without it."


Why soak your meat in marinade when you can inject it? Over 1,600 Amazon customers agree that this stainless steel meat injector is the ultimate tool for intensifying the flavor of brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck and anything else you want to throw on the grill. What makes this device so great is that it's sturdy and comes with three different sizes of needles that are sharp enough to puncture even the toughest and thickest of cuts. The Grill Beast comes with an instructional ebook, a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee (just in case you decide injecting meat isn't your scene).


If you're going to be serving $100 worth of great meat, invest a few bucks to help you determine when it's perfectly done. At under $14 this digital meat thermometer will ensure that your food is cooked at the correct temperature every single time. Not only does this thermometer provide ultra-fast readings within 4 to 6 seconds, but it also has a nice long 3.9-inch probe so you never have to worry about burning your fingers while testing your food.


Grilling in insufficient light can lead to culinary disasters like burnt steak and undercooked chicken breasts that may make your guests wish they'd just hit up Five Guys instead. This pair of barbecue lights attach easily to your grill with a magnetic base. Made of durable aluminum alloy, these adjustable LED lights are designed to withstand extreme heat no matter how close they get to the grill. Try them once and you'll see the light. Literally.


If you've got the grill going you might as well cook as much on it as you can and save yourself some dishes. Use a grill mat for loose vegetables or super flaky fish that often tumble through the grates to a fiery death below. A set of five is just $20.

These non-stick silicone mats also land on Amazon's barbecue best-seller list if you prefer that material but both should accomplish a similar goal.

If your grill didn't come with a secure cover, getting one is the easiest way to extend the lifespan. This 36-inch cover is fully weatherproof and will fit most standard grill sizes.


Anyone who has tried to clean a dirty grill knows that the right brush makes all the difference. This GrillArt brush and scraper is actually three tools in one. There's a woven metal brush, a scraper and a serrated edge that's designed to get into those hard-to-reach areas and remove debris with precision. The sturdy ergonomic handle protects your hands from the hot grill while you scrub away stubborn charred food with ease.


No one enjoys grease splatters. Cook all day and night in style with this professional-grade chef's apron made from heavyweight, breathable cotton. Designed with large front pockets, this stylish yet incredibly functional apron also includes a quick-access cell phone pocket on the chest, which makes checking recipes on the go a breeze. Even if you're a beginner home chef, this apron will have you feeling like a pro.

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This story was written by Simone Paget. Originally published last summer. Updated to reflect new information and prices.