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Should You Buy a 3D Printer on Prime Day?

Amazon's annual deals event is often a great chance to pick up a cheap FDM or resin 3D printer.

Two 3D printers on a purple background

Short answer: Yes. If you're looking to buy your first printer, or to add to the printers you have, this Prime Day is the time to do it. There are a lot of deals for a lot of different companies and all of them benefit you.

While there are always budget options for 3D printers on Amazon, you might want to hold on a minute until Prime Day -- Tuesday and Wednesday this week -- before you jump into the hobby. Major brands like Elegoo, Anycubic and FlashForge often have significant savings on the most popular printers as well as big discounts on the stock they are trying to clear.

While there are some generous discounts on Prime Day, make sure that the savings you are getting are real. More than one company raises its prices on or just before Prime Day just to reduce it back down and call it "savings." It's a dirty practice but one we're constantly aware of.

In addition to making recommendations, we track the prices of these products as well in order to offer the best advice for Prime Day. Our 3D printer deals page will have the latest deals, so keep your eyes out this week.

Which 3D printer should you buy?

There are a lot of major 3D printer brands that will likely cut prices this Prime Day, and which model you buy will depend on what type of 3D printer you need. Most of the sales will center around the more common FDM printers -- these create 3D prints from rolls of plastic filament, rather than liquid resin -- so you'll see the biggest discounts there.

Anycubic has recently announced an all-new lineup, so we can expect its older models like the Anycubic Vyper to have a good sales price this year, along with its older Mega series. The Vyper is one of CNET's favorite printers and is currently on top for the best 3D printer of 2022, so any discount on that will be worth your time. 

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