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Peloton Black Friday deals: Up to $350 off bikes, treadmills and accessories happening now

Black Friday deals at Peloton can keep you and your wallet in great shape.

Peloton bike

With the end of the year just around the corner, that means that its going to be time to start those New Year's resolutions sooner than you think. For many, that means getting to work on your fitness, but crowded gyms, expensive memberships and freezing weather can be pretty powerful deterrents. Fortunately, Peloton has a solution. With their stationary bikes, treadmills and accessories, you can transform your own home into a fitness center tailored to your needs. Peloton also offers live and on-demand classes from trainers and experts so you can get the exact workout you need to hit your goals. And from now until Nov. 29, it is offering big savings on equipment to help you start off your new year right. It should be noted, however, that your bike or treadmill will require a Peloton All-Access membership, which is not included in any of these packages.

If you're a little wary about dropping big money on name-brand equipment, however, don't worry, we have you covered. Here is our breakdown of the six best Peloton alternatives for 2021.

$150 off accessories when you buy the Bike


The Peloton Bike is exactly what you need if you're looking to improve your cardio. The stationary bike has a smaller footprint than a typical yoga mat and features a 21.5-inch touchscreen to access the catalog of Peloton classes and workouts. And right now, Peloton has shaved $150 off the price of Bike bundle packages. The Bike Essentials accessory package, included in every bundle, is $150 on its own, meaning you'll essentially be getting that equipment for free. Read our review of the Peloton Bike.


At $1,495, the entry-level Essentials package is the same price as just the bike on its own, but includes a set of cleats, headphones and bike weights. A $150 package is included at no extra charge.


This midlevel package includes the cleats, headphones, and weights of the Essentials package, but also adds a protective bike mat and chest-strap heartrate monitor for more detailed information about your workouts.


It's easier to stick to those resolutions if you're not doing it alone, and that's exactly what the Family package is for. This bundle includes two sets of cleats, two pairs of headphones, two heart rate monitors and two water bottles; as well as one set of bike weights and one bike mat.

$350 off the Bike Plus


If you're looking for a more well-rounded workout regimen, the Bike Plus is what you need. Designed for workouts both on and off the bike, the 23.8-inch touchscreen features 360-degree rotation for easy transitions between cardio and strength-training sets. It also features auto-resistance, which will match your bike's resistance setting to your instructor's cues so you never miss a step in your workouts. Like the standard Bike, the Bike Plus comes in Essentials, Works or Family tier accessories packages as well. Read our Bike Plus review.

$250 off accessories with a Tread


Like their stationary bikes, the Peloton Tread is designed to take your at-home training to the next level with workouts and routines tailored to specific goals. Whether you want to increase your top speed, your maximum distance, or cut weight, the Tread can help you get there from the comfort of your home. And with $250 off these accessory packages, it offers even greater versatility.


The Tread Essentials package is only a mere $20 more than the Tread on its own, and includes a reversible workout mat, heart rate monitor, set of three resistance band and two pairs of dumbbells.


In addition to everything that comes in the Essentials package, the Works package also includes a water bottle, two yoga blocks and a yoga strap to help improve flexibility.


The Family package is the largest bundle of the three. It includes three pairs of dumbbells, two water bottles, two heart rate monitors, two yoga blocks, a set of three resistance bands, a reversible workout mat and a yoga strap

Peloton Holiday Gifting collection

Peloton also makes great, high-quality gear and apparel, and this holiday season the company released a cozy collection of holiday accessories including fleece socks, pajamas, beanies, and even Peloton ornaments.

Crush your fitness goals from home.

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