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Save 30% on Eufy Vacuums With This Exclusive Coupon Code

Keep your house clean while saving money on robot vacuums and vacuum cleaners.

Eufy Robot Vacuum with young girl laying next to it
Eufy via Amazon

Are dust and pet hair continually coating the floors of your house even though you clean every week? You might want to get a robot vacuum that can get the job done daily, with minimal effort from you. Robot vacuums are a great way to keep your home tidy simply at the touch of a button.

Right now, Eufy is having a clean sale where you can save up to $200 on select products. Also, from now until Nov. 2, you can use the code HALLOWEEN30 to save 30% on Eufy clean products. That includes robot vacuums and handheld vacuums.

Some of these vacuums are discounted up to $200 with coupon codes listed on the site. That might save you more than 30%, so I suggest using the codes on the Eufy website for the select products. Check what you want and see what the better deal is.

For some products that don't have discount codes, like RoboVac11S White (which is $230), definitely use our coupon code. You'll save $69 and get the vacuum for just $161. If handheld vacuums are more your jam, check out the HomeVac H30 Infinity. Typically $200, the vacuum will be yours for $140 after you apply the code.

One of the best deals during this sale is a two-pack of RoboVac 11S Max for $300. The pair are usually $500, so you'll be saving $200 when you apply the Eufy coupon, so you'll be saving a total of 40%. Check out the entire sale to find the right cleaning device for you.

Looking for other models? Be sure to check out all the best robot vacuum deals available right now.

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