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Save $20 on Logitech's StreamCam and create premium content instantly

Enhance the quality of your video while on calls or streaming with this great option from Logitech.


Deliver premium content to your subscribers with this high-definition webcam packed with features to make content creation simple. This camera features full 1080p HD resolution and streams or records at 60fps so your content comes out sharp, smooth and crisp. It also features smart auto-focus, auto-framing and intelligent exposure. That means the webcam will keep you clear and in the center of the shot even if you move position, and automatically adjust the aperture and ISO speed to whatever lighting conditions you create. You can grab the Logitech StreamCam from Amazon or Best Buy for just $150 right now. 

StreamCam can be used with both Mac and PC and connects through USB-C. It's optimized for the live streaming software creators use most, and it's compatible with Open Broadcaster Software, XSplit and Streamlabs OBS so that you can stream to Twitch, YouTube and other sites. It also features a wide 78-degree field of view as well as framing for landscape and portrait modes. Plus, the webcam can be mounted on a monitor or a standard tripod to record the way you want.