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Put this dual-monitor mount in your home office for just $78

These are the cheapest gas-spring articulated monitor arms we could find.


Struggling to make your home office work as efficiently as that fancy office at work that you can't use at the moment? Until the global pandemic subsides, there are a lot of things you can do to make your house a more hospitable work environment. If you're used to using two monitors, one of those things might be clamping a dual-monitor mount to your desk. You can pay well over $100 for an articulating pair of monitor arms. But right now, you can get a Dual Monitor Mount Stand from Huanuo for $78 by applying discount code 3MCAFTQ3 at checkout.

That's 35% off the usual price of $120. Can you get a cheaper monitor arm? For sure -- but I certainly can't find a cheaper gas-spring articulating dual monitor stand. And the distinction isn't a small one, because gas-spring arms are easy to adjust by hand, without using any tools. They're the yank-the-monitor-and-it-stays-where-you-put-it kind of arms. If I were buying a stand for a monitor, it's the only kind I'd consider getting. 

This stand has a beefy base that you can either clamp onto the desk without drilling any holes or bolt down through a hole in the desk. Once set up, the stand can accommodate monitors up to 32 inches diagonal and 20 pounds each. You can extend the arm about 27 inches toward you and 22 inches vertically off the desk, and pivot a full 240 degrees, to point the displays anywhere but directly behind the desk. 

Not everyone needs something like this, obviously, but if you have a pair of monitors at home, this is a great way to reclaim desk space and make your home office just a little more like the ergonomic workspace you had at work. 

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