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The Keurig K-Classic is just $70 right now -- today only (Update: Deal expired)

Take $50 off the popular pod coffee maker and get a jump start on 2021.


Something tells me we're all going to need an extra boost as we hurtle headfirst into 2021. Any mechanism that has the power to make mornings run smoother and provide an instant caffeine fix has our attention and a Keurig automatic coffee machine sits firmly in that category. Right now the Keurig K Classic single-serve pod coffee in blue is on discount at Best Buy for $70 -- originally $120 -- for today only. 

Besides the obvious advantages of simple one-touch brewing and no hassling with grinders, filters or dirty carafes, the Keurig is compatible with literally hundreds of types of hot beverage pods, including small and large production coffees, teas, chais, hot chocolate and more. Long story short: You're not likely to run out of interesting things to pop into it. It's also got a 48-ounce water reservoir so you won't be constantly refilling. 

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Best Buy will ship your new Keurig coffee machine for free by Saturday. Or choose in-store pickup and have it by later today, depending on local inventory. For reference, the same model is also on sale at Amazon but for $9 more. We have seen it go even lower than $70, but not often, so this might be a good time to pounce.

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