iPad Pro 12.9 LTE: $599 (Update: Sold out)

But you can still get Apple's Wi-Fi-only refurb for $589. Plus: A big Motorola Moto phone sale.

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It's the big one.


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As a longtime iPad fan, I've definitely experienced a little lust for the iPad Pro 12.9 -- you know, the big one. But $999? No way, no how. And that was for the Wi-Fi-only model.

Check this: For a limited time, and while supplies last, B&H has the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 with Wi-Fi and LTE (64GB) in gold for $599 shipped, which I believe ranks as one of the best deals ever on this particular configuration.

This is the 2017 model, so it still has a home button and still relies on Touch ID rather than Face ID. Surprisingly, it's new, not refurbished, which is usually the only way you'd see a price this low.

And speaking of that, Apple proper sells the refurbished iPad Pro 12.9 for $589 -- but it's the Wi-Fi-only version. A mere $10 more buys you retail packaging and the LTE option. (That said, Apple's refurbs are pretty much good as new, right down to the new battery and one-year warranty.)

At this size, and paired with a Bluetooth keyboard, the iPad Pro could potentially take the place of a laptop. And the LTE option is something few laptops have, a boon if you often find yourself "in the field."

I'm not sure how long these will last at this price, so if you think you might be interested, act fast. As we learned yesterday, the best deals often disappear in a hurry.

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Motorola Moto phone sale

Motorola's Moto phones offer prodigious bang for the buck. Today: same bang, fewer bucks. A whole bunch of Moto phones are on sale, everything from the entry-level E4 Plus ($129.99) to the newer Moto G6 32GB ($159.99, even though the main promo page shows $199.99). 

The Moto line has "Cheapskate approved" written all over it. Broadly speaking, you get a great set of features in phones that come unlocked and carrier-agnostic: They're compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks, meaning you can use them with pretty much any US carrier.

One thing, though: Many of Motorola's sale prices are mere matches for the everyday prices offered on Amazon, though some of those prices are for Prime subscribers only. But there are a few better deals, like the Moto Z2 Play for $200. Amazon's price: $239.

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