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Holy weight-loss, the Wyze Scale S is 24% off at Amazon

It has the look, feel and functions of smart scales costing much more.

For just $20, the Wyze Scale measures not only weight, but also body fat, BMI, heart rate and more.

Friends, let us not be ruled by the bathroom scale. Must we define our self-worth by a number at our feet? Are we to let our days be ruined upon discovering we've gained a pound? Nay, I tell you. Nay! Cast your scales into the river and look upon them no more.

Wait a sec... scale deal! The Wyze Scale S normally sells for $27 but right now at Amazon, you can pick it up for just $20. Sure, that's only about $7 in savings, but when a product is this affordable to begin with, a discount is a discount.

Wyze is the company behind a growing catalog of crazy-inexpensive smart home products, including the CNET-favorite Wyze Cam, Wyze Bulb and Wyze Lock

Like many of its smart ilk, the Wyze Scale S pairs with your phone so you can track various metrics: weight, of course, but also things like body-fat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic rate and half a dozen others. It even measures heart rate. All this happens courtesy of electrical signals sent through your feet. Thankfully, it has weight-only safety modes for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

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What impressed me most about the scale is the design: It's really pretty, looking like something that could easily cost $100, and it has heft. I also like that it supports up to eight users, though that means each person in your family needs a phone, the Wyze app and a Wyze account. It can also integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit and Fitbit to help you keep all your fitness data in one place.

The only real downside I can see is that there's no IPX water-resistance rating listed for the Scale S, meaning you probably shouldn't step out of the shower and directly onto it. Anything more than a small splash could be trouble.

But for $20 out the door? When some smart scales sell for as much as $100 to $150? Heck, you'd be hard-pressed to find a "dumb" scale this cheap.

First published in 2020. Updated to reflect new pricing.

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