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Grab a Grade-A Refurbished MacBook or iPad Starting at $130

Right now you can save hundreds on a discounted Apple tablet or laptop from Woot.

Apple iPads and an Apple MacBook are displayed against a blue background.

When shopping for laptops and tablets, many people continue to choose MacBooks and iPads. However, the cost of getting your hands on Apple products can feel prohibitively expensive sometimes. That's why refurbs are a great option for a lot of people. Right now Woot has grade-A refurbished MacBooks and iPads available for much lower prices than you would find these items brand-new, with prices starting as low as $130 now through Nov. 29 while supplies last. 

According to Woot, a grade-A refurb is a device that was returned, inspected and restored to fully working condition, with minimal cosmetic damage. Some items have already begun to sell out, so be sure to make your selection sooner rather than later.

Woot has a handful of older iPads and MacBooks to choose from, with a wide range of prices available for the frugal shopper. Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro from late 2019 comes with the Intel Core i7 CPU, AMD Radeon Pro graphics and 16GB of RAM. You can get this model with an entire terabyte of storage for just $1,150. However, if you don't mind using Apple's Cloud storage, you could take home the same computer with a smaller capacity of 512GB for only $920.

If you're looking for something lightweight and ultra-portable, the 2019 MacBook Air with a 13.3-inch True Tone Retina display is also available. Pricing starts at $530 for the 128GB model, but you can upgrade to 256GB for $50 more. The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro is another good option for commuters and starts at $600 for 256GB of storage, but you can also boost it to the more capacious 512GB model for an additional $50. 

With these and several other Apple laptops on offer, it will be easy to find the model that fits your needs for a price that fits your budget. But if you're looking for the versatility of a tablet, there are plenty of iPads worth checking out as well. 

The 2019 model 10.2-inch iPad 7 has a 32GB capacity and costs just $200. If you don't mind a slightly older model, Apple's iPad Pro from 2017 has a 10.5-inch Retina display with 64GB of storage available for only $220. And if you're looking for the bottom-dollar deal in this sale, you can grab the 9.7-inch iPad 5. It's also a 2017 model and comes with 32GB of storage for a meager $130. Just keep in mind that the older the device, the fewer features and updates it may have. But if you just want a device to stream content, read ebooks or surf the web, it's hard to go wrong with a price this low.

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