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Get the Tempo Studio smart gym with extras for under $2,000 during this one-day sale

Take $755 off the AI-powered smart gym setup and get personalized workouts and all the equipment you need to meet your fitness goals at home with the Tempo Studio.


Fitness has been revolutionized by technology, making hitting your fitness goals easier than ever with personalized workouts and feedback. If you've been thinking about upgrading your home gym, consider this deal from Tempo. Not only will you get a free-standing Tempo Studio with a 42-inch HD touchscreen display, but you'll also get an additional $350 worth of premium accessories, including a 25-pound Olympic-grade barbell with a 300-pound capacity, two extra collars, a wireless heart-rate monitor and charger, and a high-density recovery roller.

Tempo offers instant feedback and coaching with features like 3D Tempo Vision, which reviews your form, counts your reps to help set your pace, tracks your progress and much more. You can snag a Tempo Studio for your home today for $1,995 and save $755 off the retail price at Best Buy during this one-day sale.

You will have to buy a 12-month membership to get access to everything that Tempo offers, but the price is similar to other smart home-gym setups like Peloton and Mirror. For $39 a month, a Tempo membership includes six accounts, so that you and everyone in your household can get their own personal account. You'll each be able to track your progress and get access to hundreds of live and on-demand classes including strength training, mobility, HIIT and more.

Plus, the Tempo mobile app creates a weekly sequence of workouts designed to meet your goals. AI-powered weight guidance also lets you know when you're ready to lift heavier weights so that you can safely build strength without sacrificing form.

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