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Get an Ember self-heating coffee mug for as low as $64 (Update: Expired)

It's a splurge, but also a pretty fantastic gift for coffee lovers. CNET readers can get 20% off. Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 is back to $189.

The Ember Mug is the best thing to happen to coffee in a while. It's not cheap, but at least you can save 20% right now.

The Ember Mug is my new favorite thing. It's overpriced, impractical, a total extravagance -- and you can have it when you pry it from my warm, dead fingers. (See, they're still warm because the mug is heated! I'll show myself out.) It's something I wouldn't have purchased for myself, but was very happy to get as a gift. And that's when I knew I had to arrange a deal for Cheapskate readers. Which I did.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can save 20% on all first-generation Ember Mugs with promo code CNET20. The most affordable option there is the 10-ounce mug, which would drop to $64.

The Ember is a self-heating, battery-powered, app-controlled mug designed to keep beverages at a consistent temperature (up to 145 degrees). Its charging base is cleverly shaped just like a saucer.

You wouldn't think said consistency is a big deal, but if you tend to nurse a cup of coffee, you know what it's like when you get toward the bottom: tepid, then cool. Bleh.

I can hear you shouting: "Use an insulated travel mug!" Absolutely, of course. That'll keep your coffee plenty warm -- but also deprive you of the aroma, which is a big part of the flavor. And would you really use a travel mug on weekends, when you want to relax at home with your joe?

Speaking of that, Ember's travel mug is a little tougher to recommend, in part because it will cost you a hefty $120 after discount. It's pretty cool, with an LCD readout and twist-to-adjust temperature setting, but just seems unnecessary.

The regular mug, on the other hand? Love it. Once you get accustomed to a consistent temperature from first sip to last, it's hard to go back.

Even at $64 (or, yeesh, $104 for the 14-ounce), the Ember Mug is pricey, no question. But, hey, if you're feeling splurgey, or you're seeking a gift for a coffee lover, it's pretty great.

Your thoughts?

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Get an Apple Watch Series 3 for $189

Speaking of extravagances, the Apple Watch definitely qualifies -- though now that the Series 3 is permanently priced at $199, it feels less like one. And today, you can do just a little better: Walmart once again has the Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) for $189. It comes with a sport band in your choice of black or white.

As I've said before, if you're an iPhone owner, there's no better watch to pair with it. There are tons of cheaper options, to be sure, but Apple's wearable offers one key advantage: two-way communication. That means you can not only respond to text messages right on the watch (via voice, emoji or even handwriting), but also talk to others, Dick Tracy-style. (Because this is the GPS-only version, though, your phone must be nearby.)

Once you get it, be sure to check out this list of great cheap accessories for your Apple Watch. Because you definitely don't want to overpay for things like watch bands and portable chargers.

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