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Get a Discounted Under-Desk Elliptical During This One-Day Deal

Don't fall prey to inactivity during long stationary periods. Stay active with this compact and portable mini elliptical machine -- on sale today only.


Staying active is key to our overall wellness, but it can be hard to keep on top of fitness goals while trying to balance everything else going on in life. That's where the Cubii Jr comes in. The compact under-desk elliptical machine allows you to pedal from anywhere, and it's so quiet you can exercise while you work or watch TV without disturbing anyone else. If you're desk-bound or otherwise face sedentary challenges throughout your week, investing in a mini elliptical can help you burn calories and keep your muscles moving, and right now you can save $50 on the Cubii Jr under-desk elliptical machine, bringing the total to just $200 during today's one-day deal at Amazon. 

The Cubii Jr has eight resistance levels that are easy to adjust and switch through, so your machine can grow with you as you make progress. And because it is a low-impact exercise option, it is a great choice for anyone, no matter your current fitness level. Whether you're an exercise enthusiast who wants to get in a daily workout while at the office (or working-from-home), someone just trying to get some movement in to fight being sedentary or an individual dealing with other constraints limiting movement, endurance or balance, the Cubii Jr makes wellness an approachable endeavor. The built-in LCD display will help you keep up with your progress by tracking calories burned, strides pedaled, distance traveled and more. Take advantage of this deal today to increase your energy levels, boost leg circulation and keep your body moving.