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Get $75 Off a Lomi Composter and Reduce Your Kitchen Waste

Save $75 from now until Sept. 18.

Lomi composter from Pela

Composting comes with a lot of great benefits for you and the planet. By composting, you can reduce your kitchen and food waste by up to 80%, make a natural fertilizer for your houseplants or garden and cut back your carbon footprint. 

With food waste, we're not only wasting food but also the energy and water it takes to grow and produce the food too. And when food waste ends up in a landfill it doesn't properly decompose, but instead creates the greenhouse gas, methane. Lomi can help prevent that by turning your food waste into odorless, organic dirt -- instead of sending it to landfills. Get $75 off a Lomi Composter by using the code FLASHSALE75 at checkout, from now until Sept. 18. It normally sells for $499, so this discount makes it $424.

If you've looked into getting a composter before, I'm sure you're worried about one thing: the smell. Lomi isn't like your typical compost bin -- it has a filtering system that eliminates 99% of food waste smell. When using a Lomi you're also preventing smelly foods from entering your garbage can, which can reduce overall odors in your household as well. 

Lomi can compost fruits and vegetables, bread, animal products and biodegradable packaging.  At just 12 inches high, it's small enough to fit on any counter, and its sleek design won't be an eyesore. Lomi is also easy to use. Simply fill up the bucket with food scraps and push the button, and you'll have dirt in 12 hours or less. Lomi offers free shipping and returns. They also have a one-year happiness guarantee -- if you have any issues at all with your Lomi in the first year, Pela will repair or replace your Lomi at no cost to you.

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