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8 compost bins that will look nice on your countertop

Eco-friendly and kitchen decor-friendly too.

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Composting is one of those small Earth-saving moves that only sounds intimidating -- in reality, the process just involves setting aside the food scraps you would otherwise throw away so that they can decompose and make new soil. And it's supergood for the planet.

First, a few rules. Here's what you can compost: fruits and veggies, eggshells, coffee grounds (and filters), flower trimmings, tea bags, most paper and pet fur. Just make sure to keep out dairy products, grease and oils, meat or fish scraps and pet waste because some of these items can attract pests or be harmful to your compost.

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Even if you live in a cramped apartment, composting at home is a totally easy way to flex your environmentalism, thanks to these awesome compost bins. Just fill 'em up and take 'em to your pile in the backyard. Or, if you live in a big city, add a compostable liner and store the bags in your freezer (where they won't smell) until it's time to drop them off. See? Being green really is that easy.

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This farmhouse-chic ceramic bin looks pretty on your kitchen counter while also storing all your veggie prep scraps from tonight's Bolognese. The best part is that hidden inside the ventilated lid there's a charcoal filter that keeps smells from taking over a small space.

Guests will never know that this minimalist Scandi-looking box is actually where you store your food scraps. Toss your eggshells, onion skins and coffee grounds into the interior stainless-steel bin, which doesn't need a bag and keeps bad odors at bay. And you can always throw the metal bin in the dishwasher in between runs to the compost pile.

Germophobes, rejoice! The clever design of this 1.5 gallon-bin allows for tons of airflow, which slows down decomposition, meaning it won't get smelly or attract any flies or other critters. You can use compostable bags with it, and thanks to a push-button opening, you never have to touch any of the waste that's inside. 

This tiny guy -- it holds 12 cups -- is a great one to keep on the countertop in a tiny apartment. Its smooth interior means that gross stuff won't build up in hard-to-clean corners, and the lid locks in all the yucky smells. It also has an easy-to-carry handle, and that lid comes off easily when it's time to dump the compost, either in the backyard or at your neighborhood compost drop-off.

Honestly, there's no cuter way to compost. Just look at that lid! This adorable ceramic crock has a plastic bucket inside (you can line it with a compostable bag if you want), and a breathable lid that can fit an odor-absorbing charcoal filter (it comes with two). We dare you not to be a little bit excited to toss food scraps in this one. 

This plastic bin comes in four millennial-friendly shades from mint to yellow, and its clean design means it's a chic way to make any kitchen a little more eco-friendly. Use a compostable liner to keep the whole process mess-free and mount it on the wall to keep apartment critters out.

Sweet polka dots add a kitschy-cool vibe to this metal bin, which looks like the kind of compost container that Amy Sedaris would own. It holds up to 1.3 gallons of food scraps and is just a lid and a bucket, which means it's supereasy to clean. A hidden charcoal filter fits discreetly in the lid, keeping nasty smells out, too.

Instead of plastic, this bin is made from bamboo, which is more eco-friendly than wood, and gives a sophisticated look to any countertop. The inner bucket hold 3 quarts worth of food scraps, and is supereasy to wash out when messes happen. And just like the others, this one has a charcoal filter and plenty of ventilation.

This post was written by Julie Vadnal.