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Cricut Explore Air 2 has returned to its lowest price ever, with an additional $30 in digital content for free

Get a great start to cutting vinyl thanks to this machine deal and loads of free ideas.

Cricut Explore Air 2

While some may dismiss Cricut as a machine simply for cutting vinyl, the truth is every one of these machines unlock an enormous amount of creativity within users. The ability to transfer gold or silver foil to cardstock, effectively creating your own custom invite or greeting cards with the same level of quality as something you'd buy in a store. Tools for engraving, etching, and scoring wood or leather or even glass are available in addition to cutting vinyl. The only limitation is your imagination, and I guess also the price tag. While the most recent Cricut models are still a little pricey, the Explore Air 2 has dropped all the way down to $170. And if that deal wasn't good enough, you can now also get $30 in digital designs from Cricut free with your purchase, to help you learn a little about where to start creating. 

While you can create your own designs within Cricut's software, even taking a picture of something and using it to do your own thing, the online library of content available to Cricut users is massive. While some are made by Cricut itself, a lot of designs come from other users. This $30 in free content is very similar to a lot of the things you would find in that online library, but it's been chosen for you by Cricut. You can check out the free content here, but even if that's not for you there's a lot you can do with a Cricut at a price this low.