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Best M2 MacBook Pro Deals: Free Apple Services, Cashback and More

The M2 MacBook Pro is the first device to feature Apple's new chip and is now available to buy in stores.

The first device to feature Apple's all-new M2 chip is an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro. Unveiled alongside a redesigned M2 MacBook Air at Apple's WWDC 2022, the new Pro machine packs even more power into the previous-gen design for an affordable entry-level professional laptop. If you want to be among the first to test drive Apple's newest chip, you can place your M2 MacBook Pro order right now. 

Apple's new MacBook Pro 13-inch comes with an M2 chip in 2022.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 laptop


After a brief preorder window, the $1,299 M2 MacBook Pro is now available to buy and pick up in store. As such, we're already on the hunt for the best M2 MacBook Pro deals across a variety of retailers to help you save some cash. We've listed the best M2 MacBook Pro deals below and we'll keep this list updated as new offers emerge.

Best M2 MacBook Pro Deals

Amazon is sure to be the go-to spot for early M2 MacBook Pro adopters and Prime members can enjoy expedited shipping. While there's no discount available at the online retailer just yet, you could get 3% cashback with Amazon's Rewards Visa card. 

As you might expect for such a new product, direct discounts are hard to find at launch but Best Buy is dishing out free access to Apple services with your MacBook Pro purchase. You'll snag six months of access to Apple Music and Apple News Plus as well as three months of Apple TV Plus streaming. 

B&H is also not offering a direct discount on the M2 MacBook Pro right now but it does offer a neat way to save on sales tax. Its own-brand B&H Payboo credit card gives you the tax back as cash back. On a purchase as large as a MacBook Pro, that's a decent chunk of change. 

Adorama doesn't have a direct price drop just yet but, being a slightly less common choice for early adopter Mac purchases, it tends to have a steady stream of supply around product launches where other retailers may start to see shipping times slipping. 

You can also order the M2 MacBook Pro directly at Apple. The company is renowned for not offering discounts, but you can trade in your old MacBook (or any Apple device) for credit against your new one and use Apple Card to spread the cost of your purchase while getting 3% cashback.