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3 bidet deals to help you avoid toilet-paper hoarding

Yeah, people are losing their... cool again. But for as little as $25, you can install a bidet and cut your TP usage to almost zero.

Here we go again. The recent rise in coronavirus cases has led to renewed quarantine efforts, which in turn has resulted in another round of toilet-paper shortages. People, why?

The first time this happened, I installed a bidet and never looked back. Yep, it's totally weird at first, water spraying at your bum. But once you get used to it, TP seems positively archaic. 

And here's good news: Right now, bidets are cheap and plentiful. That could change, so if you've been thinking about adding one to your bathroom, now's the time. Here are three different models in three different price ranges. Just make sure you choose the right size -- round or elongated -- if you're getting one that replaces the seat.

Luxe Bidet

This is about as basic as bidets get, with a single spray nozzle and a dial that controls the water pressure. This particular one, which should fit any toilet (it installs under the existing seat), has a 4.6-star average rating from over 6,700 buyers, so you really can't go wrong. 

That said, there are dozens of very similar models available from Amazon, many that add a front-wash option for women. This Dalmo Bidet, for example, offers that feature and sells for $32 -- though there's currently a $6-off coupon you can clip before adding it to your cart. So it's literally just $1 more than the Luxe model.


Often selling for around $235, Kohler's seat is a steal at this price. It's electric, so you'll need a nearby outlet where you can plug it in. But that nets you warm water on demand (no hot-water plumbing hookup needed), plus a heated seat and warm-air dryer.

The control panel is side-mounted, however, so it can be a little challenging to navigate. If you'd prefer an actual remote, check out the next option.


Veering into Rolls-Royce-of-bidets territory, the Omigo offers nearly every feature you can imagine (and a few you probably can't). In addition to heated everything, it comes with a wireless remote with a magnetic dock to hang on your wall, a night-light, dual user presets (e.g. his and hers) and even a skin contact sensor that shuts everything off if you stand up midwash.

This model is currently 25% off as part of a sitewide sale -- promo code BIGDEALx025 should automatically apply at checkout, but otherwise you can provide an email address to get a custom 25%-off code. The price below reflects that discount.

As noted, these are just three options out of dozens. My advice: Start with a supercheap one and see if you like it. (Remember, give yourself a couple of weeks to adjust.) Then think about upgrading if you want extras.

Your thoughts?

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