See the best costumes from San Diego Comic-Con in action

Steampunk "Star Wars!" A sewer full of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" Hordes of "The Walking Dead!" See these and more talented cosplayers strike a costumed pose at San Diego Comic-Con.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

This Cylon from the original 1978 "Battlestar Galactica" seems right at home at Comic-Con. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Having San Diego Comic-Con withdrawals since its conclusion last week? Missed your chance to see every cool costume at the convention? Now you can gawk at the best of the best costumes from this year's San Diego Comic-Con without standing in the seemingly endless crowds of people.

In this San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay music video from Sneaky Zebra, you can see what the show floor offered. In addition to all the costumes, some coveted collectibles were also on display, including statues from Sideshow Collectibles, Furbacca, a Lego Hulk and more.

Fans dressed in impressive costumes from "Dragon Ball Z," "Star Wars," "Star Trek," Super Mario Brothers, "Harry Potter," "Back to the Future," "Mad Max," "The Walking Dead," "Transformers," "Indiana Jones," "Godzilla," "Frozen," "Deadpool," "Jurassic World," "Batman" and so many more. There's even a Green Arrow dog!

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A few celebrities, such as Marvel Comics' Stan Lee and Stephen Amell ("Arrow"), make a cameo in the video, but it's the cosplayers who steal the show. After all, it takes dedication to make a complete Darth Vader Samurai costume or light-up "Battlestar Galactica" Cylon armor.

Future cosplayers should watch this video and take note. And though not all the costumes are completely accurate, one thing is for sure: The fans look like they're having a blast dressed as their favorite characters.